Ian Somerville

Like John, I came to Huntsville as a kid and spent many a glorious summer on the shores of Lake Clearwater at Pioneer Camp. I loved it so much I worked in the kitchen for a summer after my camp days were over. Fifteen years ago I returned to Huntsville when my wife Cathie and I bought a place on Big Island. It is a private slice of heaven that we share with family and friends. Last year I introduced my grand-kids to the rapids in Port Sydney. I can tell you it is as much fun today as it was 45 years ago! Water access can be challenging and we are no strangers to ferrying all sorts of things across Lake Vernon to the shores of Big Island. This year with my friends Rick Keevil and John Stewart, we formed Cottage Barge inc to make everyone’s trek a little easier! Let us know how we can help with your transportation needs!